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Q:  What is Connecticut Explored and who is it for?

A: Connecticut Explored is the nonprofit magazine of Connecticut history. It’s for you! Anyone with an interest in the fascinating untold stories of Connecticut’s past can satisfy his or her curiosity with each issue of Connecticut Explored. Our variety and range of stories connect our past to our present and future.

Q: What can I expect to find in each issue?

A: Each issue offers a photo or object essay, feature length stories you can sink your teeth into, and shorter stories you can breeze through–plus lots of beautiful, large historic images. We include oral histories, stunning museum objects, must-see destinations, and more. From Colonial history to pop-culture, you’ll find it all in this magazine.

Q: Does CTExplored cover my town?

A: CTExplored is a statewide magazine; our stories come from all over Connecticut. Check out the index to see if we’ve featured a story from your town—or propose one!

Q: Who writes for Connecticut Explored?

A: Historians, curators, and history buffs who are passionate about their topics—topics  that include medicine, business, the arts, cultural customs, politics, pastimes, preservation, architecture, technology and more!

Q: Do I need to subscribe to read Connecticut Explored?

A: CTExplored is available by subscription and on selected newsstands. Sample articles from past issues are available to read on our site (go to Back Issues). Or, simply pick up a copy at any of these newsstand locations.

Q: How often does a new edition come out?

A: Connecticut Explored is published quarterly: Winter (December/January/February), Spring (March/April/May), Summer (June/July/August), and Fall (September/October/November).

Q: How do I subscribe?

A: There are two ways to subscribe via our Subscribe page:

  • subscribe online using paypal
  • print and mail a form you print off our Web site and mail it with a check or credit card payment
  • call us to order by phone at 860-233-5421 (business hours only please, this is a home office number)

Q: How much does it cost?  Are there any discounts?

A: A one-year membership/subscription is $25; save with a two-year subscription for $45!  We also offer discounts for readers aged 60+, teachers, and members of our organizational partners. See our subscription form for more details.

Q:  Connecticut Explored is a nonprofit magazine; can I support its continued publication?

A: Yes!  Subscribe as either a Friend of Connecticut Explored ($100 or more, including a tax deductible gift of $80 or more) or a Connecticut Explorer ($50 and includes a set of special offers from our partner organizations valued at more than $50).  See the subscription form for details.

Q: Can I buy back issues?

A: Yes!  Most back issues are available.  Use the Subscription form (see the bottom section) to order by mail when paying by check or credit card or click through to order online via Paypal.  Single copies are $7.00. Price includes postage, handling, and sales tax.  Please check the Back Issues page or the bottom of the subscription form for availability.

Q: Can I read an article online?

A:  You can sample articles from our past issues in PDF format.  Presently, only selected articles are available online but an electronic version is coming soon.

Q: How do I get more involved in Connecticut Explored?

A: Post your comments on our Web site or Facebook page, propose a story, and help us spread the word to teachers and others interested in Connecticut history.

Q: Was this magazine at one time called Hog River Journal?

A: Yes—we changed our name beginning with the Fall 2009 issue. We’re still the same magazine of Connecticut history, one good story after another.